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  • Flextone Coon Squaller
  • Flextone Coon Squaller
    SKU: 30040

    Has the natural sound that is sure to make him look. Durable and compact. Volume control and inflection.

  • $107.89

  • Flextone Lightning Crow Call
  • Flextone Lightning Crow Call
    SKU: 20067

    Great locator call for midday. Larger sound chamber for louder volume. Soft body for natural realistic sounds.Works for locating turkeys or crows.

  • $44.27

  • HS Crow Call
  • Hs Crow Call
    SKU: 8556

    Consistent quality. Water resistant and won't crack. A great spring gobbler locator.

  • $39.01

  • Primos #302 Crow Call
  • Primos #302 Crow Call
    SKU: 7882

    Excellent for locating gobblers later in the day. Barrel is quality hardwood giving the call its realistic sound. Complete with diamond braided camo lanyard.

  • $107.42

  • Primos Power Crow
  • Primos Power Crow
    SKU: 5383

    Excellent turkey locator, super loud and high pitched. Produces ear-piercing distress cries and raspy sounds of crows. Unique design allows hunters to vary the pitch to sound like a flock of crows with one call.

  • $42.00

  • WoodHaven The Real Crow
  • Woodhaven The Real Crow
    SKU: WH018

    Hand turned birch barrel.Tuned with proper reed and mouth pieces, it produces the most realistic crow sound of any call of its type.

  • $78.54

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