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  • Flextone 6 N 1 Waterfowl Whistle
  • Flextone 6 N 1 Waterfowl Whistle
    SKU: 50150

    Flextone's flexible body allows callersto squeeze the end and change tones to produce natural sounds. Pintails, widgeon, teal, mallard drake, quail, and hawk.

  • $40.70

  • Flextone R/T Canada Goose
  • Flextone R/t Canada Goose
    SKU: 50010

    Features innovative design which makes it easy to master a full rangeof natural sounding goose calls. The flexible bell means improved control of tone, volume and backpressure, allowing the user to produce the sounds of multiple geese and double cluck with ease.

  • $49.57

  • Flextone Wood Duck
  • Flextone Wood Duck
    SKU: 50110

    By squeezing, bending and releasing this duck call's soft body, you can produce a full range of vocalizations. Mix up the sequences to achieve the flying squeal, the water whine or anysound in between.

  • $41.52

  • Primos Canada Goose Flute
  • Primos Canada Goose Flute
    SKU: 6472

    Unique flex-end hose creates automatic back pressure making it the easiest flute to blow. Reed system allows you to take call apart and reassemblewith perfect retuning every time.

  • $50.77

  • Primos Pro Mallard Call
  • Primos Pro Mallard Call
    SKU: 1804

    Easy blowing single reed duck call.The tuning hold in the bell lets you change tone and pitch.

  • $43.64

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