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  • * Hoppes Bottle #9 Solvent 5oz
  • * Hoppes Bottle #9 Solvent 5oz
    SKU: 1603

    The most widely used remover of powder, lead and metal fouling & rust. Formula penetrates deep and rapidly. Ultra potent, safe and ready-to-use. ORMD - Ground service only. Can not ship outside the United States.

  • $37.69

  • * Scorpion Poly Bowstring Fluid
  • * Scorpion Poly Bowstring Fluid
    SKU: 4307

    This product enhances string performance and helps prevent frayed appearance of string fibers. Works right down to the bundled core to lubricate and protect the fibers. Your string will look new and wet. This bowstring fluid maintains its supple characteristics in any climate/temperature condit...

  • $40.70

  • Barnett Rail Lube and Wax Combo
  • Barnett Rail Lube And Wax Combo
    SKU: 1001448

    Protects and extends the life of your crossbows strings. Recommended for use every 5 to 10 shots.

  • $30.75

  • BCY X Wax
  • Bcy X Wax
    SKU: 4117

    X Wax Bowstring Wax – Super silicone formula; perfect for 452X and all other bowstrings. Scent free, water repellent and abrasion resistant. Excellent string penetration. Capped twist dispenser; applicator included.

  • $41.36

  • Bohning Seal-Tite Wax Box
  • Bohning Seal-tite Wax Box
    SKU: 1401674

    Silicone based bowstring wax with is odorless and waterproof. 40 gram applicator box.

  • $18.40

  • Bohning Xccelerator Wax
  • Bohning Xccelerator Wax
    SKU: 1365

    An all natural based string wax and conditioner that greatly reduces string friction and abrasion typically found with cable slides, wheels and rollers. Lubricates and rejuvenates your bowstring. Resists penetration by water to the critical string fibers. Scent free. Convenient, pocket sized r...

  • $38.06

  • Bow Snot Archery Oil Pen
  • Bow Snot Archery Oil Pen
    SKU: 6942

    Weatherlock technology.100% odorless.Heat Displacement technology.Provides protection and prolongs life.Increases performance and durability.Easy application containers.Will not freeze.Rated at -25º F.Non-flammable and non-toxic.Environmentally safe.

  • $39.42

  • Gibbs String Wax/Rail Lube Earth Scent
  • Gibbs String Wax/rail Lube Earth Scent
    SKU: 46604

    Excellent bow string protection. Stops string from drying out. Use it for a great Earth scent cover up. Wax has a tacky base that is easy to put on the string.

  • $23.51

  • OMP Bowstring Wax Counter Display 1 oz. 10 pk.
  • Omp Bowstring Wax Counter Display 1 Oz. 10 Pk.
    SKU: 57443

    OMP bowstring wax is specially formulated to penetrate deep into the string fibers offering more wear and UV protection for all types of bowstring materials. Includes 10 wax tubes packaged in counter display.

  • $50.00

  • OMP Frixion Fighter 2.0 Arrow Lube 2oz
  • Omp Frixion Fighter 2.0 Arrow Lube 2oz
    SKU: 37283

    Removes arrows from targets with ease. Works on all arrow shafts on all types of targets. A must have item for all target and 3D archers.

  • $40.83

  • Scorpion Bowstring Wax
  • Scorpion Bowstring Wax
    SKU: 4308

    This polymeric wax is designed for those preferring a traditional dressing. Optimized conditioning oils of Kokum, Shea, and Mango prevent premature aging and oxidation of the product. Odor free with applicator included. Waterproof. Will not melt or freeze. Leather applicator included.

  • $40.70

  • Scorpion Crossbow Rail Lube
  • Scorpion Crossbow Rail Lube
    SKU: 4311

    Provides slip without tac. No need to wax. Very little needed. Mess-free applicator. Waterproof and odor-free.

  • $40.70

  • Scorpion Serving Lube
  • Scorpion Serving Lube
    SKU: 4309

    Specifically designed odor-free lubricant for the cam, idler wheel, pins, bushings and string guide. Reduces tack. Eliminates wax build-up. Waterproof. Works in any climate.

  • $41.46

  • Scorpion Target Arrow Release Fluid
  • Scorpion Target Arrow Release Fluid
    SKU: 4305

    Possibly the slickest formula available, this polymeric blend of ingredients is formulated for your 3-D target events.Arrows are easily removed from today's high-density 3-D targets allowing you to get back to shooting in a flash.Eliminates tedious exertion from removing arrows.Suitable for carbon, ...

  • $41.46

  • Seal-Tite String Wax 1oz Tube
  • Seal-tite String Wax 1oz Tube
    SKU: 91360

    Seal–Tite holds bow string strands together and acts as a lubricant as the strands move against each other during the shooting of the bow.

  • $37.05


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