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  • Extra Kwikee Bracket
  • Extra Kwikee Bracket
    SKU: 6492

    Additional bracket for use in direct mounting to treestand or other objects.Includes mounting screws and is interchangeable.You can attach your quiver in your home, your vehicle, and your hunting stand.

  • $38.44

  • Lever Lock Quiver Release
  • Lever Lock Quiver Release
    SKU: 1073

    The standard on all Bohning quivers. With a simple "flip" of the lever, your quiver is locked in place. Release the lever and your quiver silently slides out of the mount.

  • $39.08

  • Tight Spot XL Mounting Bracket
  • Tight Spot Xl Mounting Bracket
    SKU: 7252

    The XL mounting bracket is extra long and has more adjustment than before. It will help with clearance on a bow where the arrow rest sits farther back on the bow causing the rest to hit the quiver. The XL mounting bracket is 1/2 inch longer than the standard mounting bracket for better clearance.

  • $39.48

  • Treelimb Riser Mount Kit Bowtech Configuration
  • Treelimb Riser Mount Kit Bowtech Configuration
    SKU: 1402030

    The Treelimb Riser Mount allows you to move your quiver off your sight and mount it directly to your riser. Works with both standard and premium quivers. Premium series mounting posts not included. Ambidextrous.

  • $39.54

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