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  • OMP Football Clip
  • Omp Football Clip
    SKU: 29337

    Universal replacement for Fall Away rests. Football clip that is used to attach the draw cord from the rest to the buss cable. Fits all size cables.

  • $39.68

  • Replacement Biscuit Small
  • Replacement Biscuit Small
    SKU: B01

    The Original Biscuit is for all 2009 models and models prior to 2009.

  • $44.27

  • Ripcord Football Clamp
  • Ripcord Football Clamp
    SKU: 78539

    Easy to attach football clip that eliminates splitting cable and serving. Designed to firmly secure rest cord to downward cable. No bow press required.

  • $21.29

  • Sims Fall Away Arrow Holder
  • Sims Fall Away Arrow Holder
    SKU: 3764

    The self-adhesive arrow holder mounts easily to most bow risers to help keep your arrow aligned on your shelf.

  • $40.24

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