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  • Minnesota Trapline Predator Snares 12 pk.
  • Minnesota Trapline Predator Snares 12 Pk.
    SKU: 78813

    Operate smoothly and efficiently while keeping fur damage to a minimum. Constructed of galvanized aircraft cable, #9 end-swivels, support collars and quality parts featured throughout.

  • $52.67

  • Minnesota Trapline Sod Buster Hammer
  • Minnesota Trapline Sod Buster Hammer
    SKU: 78815

    The Sod Buster is a multi purpose digging and driving tool. Hammer head has a chisel welded on one side for easy digging of trap beds. A great tool for any land trapper.

  • $42.72

  • Winklers Chain Skinning Gambrel
  • Winklers Chain Skinning Gambrel
    SKU: 78818

    This chain gambrel is capable of holding anything from mink to a wolf. Swiveled for easy tuning, it will securely hold the animals feet and prevents pulling the animals feet loose.

  • $28.29

  • Wolf Fang Cable Stakes 12 pk.
  • Wolf Fang Cable Stakes 12 Pk.
    SKU: 78808

    Your traps will stay set and anchored in all soil conditions with the Wolf Fang stakes. The stakes feature a large surface area and rugged 18 in. cable that stays in place once you've set it.

  • $38.91

  • Wolf Fang Stake Driver
  • Wolf Fang Stake Driver
    SKU: 78809

    Stake Driver is custom made for the Wolf Fang cable stakes.Features a large nut welded on the top that provides a large striking surface.

  • $32.95

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